My Review of the Keto Sandwich Bread

Keto Sandwich Bread

Ever heard of keto sandwich bread? Wondering how you can make it?

Well, this meal is similar to a pancake which relies purely on kitchen staples such as eggs, flour, baking powder, and oil. Instead of milk, heavy cream is used. It is light-textured, soft and can be paired with a variety of healthy foods. With that said, my 6 year old nephew loved this recipe. He put jelly on the bread and ate it like a sandwich (He is not eating keto. He just likes the food). I, on the other hand, only ate the bread and was not fond of the plain taste.

So, the second time I made this bread, I added sweetener to the batter to give it a sweeter taste. This time, the bread tasted like cake and I loved it. When cooking in the microwave, make sure not to use a dish that is too big.
To make 1 serving, use the following ingredients:
1 large Egg
2 Tbsps. Heavy Cream
2 Tbsps. Coconut Flour
2 Tbsps. Olive Oil
1/2 tsp Baking Powder

How to make:
1) Pour olive oil into a microwave-safe dish, coating the bottom and sides evenly.
2) In a bowl, add in egg and heavy cream. Then, beat until well mixed.
3) Stir in coconut flour and baking powder.
4) Spread the batter evenly into the microwave-safe dish with a rubber spatula.
5) Finally, cook in the microwave for 1-2 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Here is the Nutritional Information:
Energy – 422 kcal
Protein – 7g (7%)
Fat – 42g (90%)
Carbohydrates – 3g (3%)

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